PreQual Tool


The ACES pre-qualification tool was designed to help owners of construction companies and general contractors to select contractors who will provide a safer work environment. In addition to the tool, ACES includes a pre-qualification procedure that aims to measure a company’s “leading indicators of safety,” such as safety trainings currently in place, policies to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, and employee perception of the company’s safety climate. Evaluating these leading indicators of safety allows for continuous improvement of safety conditions, rather than reducing hazards after an incident occurs. Effective safety management systems are based on a shared set of values embedded into company policies, comprehensive programs that reflect those values, and communication of these values and programs through safer practices.

ACES PreQual Survey 

Who should use the ACES tool?  

General contractors and construction management companies: to expand their the process of prequalification, manage risk, or score a subcontractor for your site  Owners and developers: to improve safety on their projects, or manage risk Subcontractors: to self-assess the efficiency of their own safety programs, policies, and practices, and identify components for improvement  Insurance companies and brokers: to help clients improve their performance, reduce risk, and provide competitive advantage 

Why use the ACES tool? 

Health and safety are paramount to any company in the construction industry. The ACES Prequalification Tool can be used in multiple ways, and it has been validated through research which demonstrates that contractors that have better overall prequalification scores have better safety performance outcomes. ACES can be adapted to current processes and used to help continuously improve safety on projects and within companies.